J Devoe Architecture

About the Company

The work that constitutes the portfolio of J Devoe architecture has been steadily coming into existence over the last 15 years which culminated in the development of a dynamic company in 2020. J Devoe Architecture is nimble and unique; a company that is composed of a diverse range of professionals that are flexible and come together on whatever project scope to bring a client’s project to fruition with professionalism, accuracy and high quality service.

About the Founder

As a resident and native of Treasure Cay, Abaco in The Bahamas, Jermaine Deveaux developed a strong appreciation for island life, culture and community at an early age. He attended elementary through high school in Cooper’s Town, SC Bootle, North Abaco and determined that he wanted to empower himself to change and enhance the environment that he loved as a child.

Upon graduating high school, he worked in the construction industry in Treasure Cay, Abaco for two years prior to pursuing a professional degree in architecture. Acting on this decision, he left Abaco and started his formal architectural education at Palm Beach Community College before transitioning to Florida A & M University School of Architecture, where he obtained his professional architectural degree.

Jermaine then went on to earn post graduate work experience at Palm Beach County Planning, followed by a tenure in Athens Greece which lasted for 5 years where he accumulated work experience on related projects in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and throughout the country of Greece.

Afterwards, Jermaine returned to The Bahamas where he amassed extensive work experience in the Bahamas architectural industry. Furthermore, after working across a wide variety of project types and scopes of work, Mr. Deveaux obtained his professional accreditation as a Registered Architect in the Bahamas.

Architecture is our passion, Design with creativity is our mission