J Devoe Architecture

Beach House

Beach House
Project Name:

Beach House

Project Location:

Abaco, The Bahamas

Project Type:

Single Family Residence

Project Description:

The Jewel in the Crown of J. Devoe Architecture, The Beach House displays the beauty and simplicity of our Architectural development. Expressing modern architecture while giving a nod to traditional smaller scale vernacular island design, The Beach House exemplifies open space, natural light, unity with nature and stellar views to the tropical landscape which are second to none.

The transition from outdoor to indoor living is made a truly breathtaking experience by offering generous balconies and large glazed apertures which help to bring the outside in.

The Beach House is fitted with all of the modern comforts; whether it’s taking a relaxing bath after a dip, kicking back and taking in the scenery, or drifting away to the soothing melody of gentle waves breaking on powder white beaches.

Outdoor dining is delightful year round thanks to the consistent tropical climate. The column bays frame amazing panoramic vistas to the ocean that will be sure to make you want to spend more time outdoors breathing the fresh air and enjoying the gentle breezes wafting from the ocean.

Arriving home is sure to be one of the most satisfying experiences when home is The Beach House. Every time is a new experience, a new event, a new smile.