J Devoe Architecture

Windward Beach Residence

Windward Beach Residence
Project Name:

Windward Beach Residence

Project Location:

Abaco, The Bahamas

Project Type:

Single Family Residence

Project Description:

Reminiscent of a sailboat making its way through crystal waters and equally as stylish and adventurous, the Windward Beach Residence is a standout and unique masterpiece that truly captures the essence and spirit of island living . Its form, materiality, color and landscaping all work together to define an architectural character that is true to its surroundings and equally as beautiful.

At the entry to the house, residents and guests are greeted by an exquisite custom ensemble of painted glass with tropical and aquatic themes, accentuated with other shoreline and underwater objects to further create the atmosphere of tropical beachfront living. It feels fresh, bright and lively Рa true marriage of art, architecture and environment.

Nothing says “beach residence” like a generous boardwalk porch and patio walkway that is fit for lounging and catching some sun, snoozing, or savouring the sweet outdoors. Ocean, Crisp Breezes, Freedom – everyday is a vacation at the Windward Beach—Residence.